10 Commandments of Bring Your Own Device

Thou Shalt Allow BYOD
The rapid proliferation of mobile devices…
October 28, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

5 Lessons to Brush Up Your Cloud Security Knowledge

Cloud Security Q&A
Question #1: What technology solves data…
October 17, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016

1) The Device Mesh

The device mesh refers to an expanding…
October 15, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

5 Trends Shaking Up Today’s Enterprise Storage Strategy

Managing Your Data
Disruptor #1: A shift from focusing on managing…
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Many Cultures, One Team

Many Cultures, One Team is an essential aid for anyone who…
July 22, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

Six Benefits of Hosted Desktop for Remote Workers

Flexibility to Work Anywhere
Hosted desktop gives employees…
June 25, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

Dealing with Interruptions: Recognize the Seriousness of the Problem

We have become not only acculturated to interruptions, but addicted…
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Five Ways to Optimize Enterprise Wi-Fi

Companies rely on Wi-Fi now more than ever to drive operations…
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Your Workday on Email: Mobile vs. Desktop Habits

Email Opens
Overall, desktop email peaks during traditional…
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Understanding Consumption Models Around Cloud

The rapidly shifting digital economy has forced businesses to…
June 3, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Cheat Sheet







May 27, 2015/by Eric Brizuela

Five Critical Questions to Ask Before Moving Data to the Cloud

Data Location
In which region/country is my data stored?

April 22, 2015/by Eric Brizuela