Why are businesses embracing the Cloud?

by Nicole Brizuela

Cloud technology has a number of significant benefits for business users, allowing them to leverage shared infrastructure that may otherwise be out of reach to many SME’s, while sharing the investment in the underlying IT resources among other end users. In other words, embracing the benefits of economies of scale.

In many circumstances, cloud computing resources are provided by a third party organisation over a wide?area network, cloud computing is similar to an electric power utility. The providers are able to reduce individual usage costs and centralise infrastructure costs. End users pay for what they consume and have the unique ability to increase or decrease their usage in accordance with their needs. Cloud users are also able to reduce the amount of time required to manage their IT resources and instead are able to invest more time in managing their core business.

Australian cloud service providers also maintain a number of other strategic advantages for businesses looking to move to a cloud environment, particularly when compared to neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region. These advantages include the fact that Australia is a safe and secure destination for hosting cloud data, both in terns of it’s geographic and geological stability as well as the strict regulatory and policy environment that governs the provision of such services.

Australia also provides a number of other significant advantages including a reliable and competitive energy supply, access to a plethora of renewable energy resources and a highly educated, highly skilled and innovative workforce to manage the provision of cloud services.

The Australian Government’s investment in the National Broadband Network will also greatly enhance available bandwidths, improve connectivity, reliability and network options.

What is all this fuss about Clouds?

By Eric Brizuela

What is all this fuss about the “Cloud”?

Cloud computing has undoubtedly become a new buzz word in the world of IT Services. So what exactly is “cloud computing” and how does it work?

Cloud computing is the term that is used to describe a recent movement to treat IT services as a commodity with the ability to dynamically increase or decrease capacity to match usage needs.

In attempting to pin down an explicit definition, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines cloud computing as “a model for enabling convenient, on?demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction”. NIST explain five characteristics of cloud computing which can include but not limited to:

  1. On?demand self?service involves customers using a web site or similar control panel interface to provision computing resources such as additional computers, network or user email accounts, without requiring human interaction between customers and the vendor.
  2. Broad network access enables customers to access computing resources over networks such as the Internet from a broad range of computing devices such as laptops and smart?phones.
  3. Resource pooling involves customers using shared computing resources to provide cloud services to multiple end users. Virtualisation and multi?tenancy mechanisms are typically used to both segregate and protect each customer and their data from other customers, and to make it appear to customers that they are the only user of a shared computer or software application.
  4. Rapid elasticity enables the fast and automatic increase and decrease to the amount of available computer processing, storage and network bandwidth as required by customer demand.
  5. Pay?per?use measured service involves customers only paying for the computing resources that they actually use, and being able to monitor their usage. This is analogous to household use of utilities such as electricity.

Media Release – CloudSpace Open for Business

CloudSPACE Services and cloudspace.net.au CEO and Managing Director Eric Brizuela announce the company is now officially open for business. 

Brisbane based information technology and cloud solutions provider, CloudSPACE Services, is breaking the mold, by helping businesses start using cloud based services and technologies that save them time and money as a managed service.

Our core products and services have been designed from the ground up to save businesses money and time using our Cloud platform, which is supported and managed by our Cloud Problem Solvers. Our difference, we manage the entire process of helping customers move business critical infrastructure or services to the ‘Cloud’ then provide ongoing managed support for their business and people.

CloudSPACE Services was started by 28 year old Managing Director and Chief Problem Solver Eric Brizuela in 2011. CloudSPACE Services prides itself on being a family owned and operated business.

The CloudSPACE team is made up of Senior Problem Solvers and Associates Nicole Brizuela, Allan Brizuela, and Ariel Brizuela as well as our super friendly and helpful team of Problem Solvers and Industry Partners that make our company tick.


To help company’s save time and money using one, or a combination of our Cloud solutions and services which include; Cloud SME Hosting, Cloud Assistants, Cloud Internetx2, Cloud IT Support, and Web and Mobile App Development.