How to Turn Your SME into a Household Name

In the world of marketing, where everyone seems to be at each other’s throats, rules and strategies evolve fast and furious. Back in the day, all you needed was a gargantuan marketing budget and you could get spots on TV and radio allowing you to reach a huge market – a market that most of your competitors could not afford to reach – and build your brand.

Today, the same market you spent on back in the day is the same market that you can reach through more cost-effective, and sometimes costless, methods. Unfortunately, since most of those methods are being utilized by pretty much all your competitors and virtually every other business around the world, building a brand may now require a little more imagination, creativity, and an effective way to deliver your message to the masses.

It’s all about guerilla marketing folks. And, social media is one of the tools for such an aggressive and low-cost approach to brand building. That said here are a few really practical tips to help you build your brand by using guerilla marketing in the digital age.

Social Media – Master It

If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, you will really have a tough time connecting with your real customers. Hence, you will have a harder and more expensive time building your brand. Now, it is understandable to snub these online tools, where everyone is pretty much active in nowadays, because of the need to learn the ins and outs involved in marketing in this arena. However, whatever effort you put into learning these tools will pay off in the long run and will immediately pay off soon. Study and master what these social communities can do for you and you will have a household brand to your name soon enough.

Build an engaging Community

Most people think that online marketing, particularly the marketing done on social media, is all about plugging a brand or product consistently and religiously. While, in some cases, such a strategy may provide quick results, it will not last and will not fly with most social media users. This is because no one likes people spamming marketing stuff all around the block. The best way to maximize social media is by really engaging your potential customers. Build a community that is full of conversation and discussions. This may end up being a small community, but it will be a community, nonetheless, that will be loyal to your brand… and that in itself is a great start for any company.

Blogs Means Power

Some people tend to underestimate the power of blogs since social media seems to be the trendy and more populated platforms nowadays. The reality is that blogs are still alive and are still very powerful. Set up a blog and link up with other blogs relevant to your brand’s niche. Engage them like you would users on Facebook and Twitter. This blog community you build will carry your brand across the entire blogosphere.

Here is a tip to finding blogs on Google. Simply type in the keyword for your niche and choose Blogs on the side panel. The results will show you blogs that have posted or are exclusively posting content related to the niche you searched for.

Go for Viral Content

The shareability of the content you post on your blog or share on social media is what will give you mileage across the social media universe. This is the dream – your content going viral. In order to achieve that dream, you will need to constantly create content that will relate, touch, or humor your target market – content that will make those people want to share it with the people they know. It’s free mileage for your brand – remember that.

Give and Keep on Giving

If you really want to attract fans, friends, followers, or visitors to wherever your brand is, then giving and giving free stuff is the way to go. This will help you build a community and give you a pleasant image to those who you want buying from you later on. An eBook here, a raffle there, and a free sampling of the product everywhere can do wonders for your brand image. Don’t worry, if you spend a little now on those freebies, if you play your cards right, you will generate a million times more in revenue later. It has been done before and you can definitely do the same.

Joint Marketing

This is a really effective and cost-efficient method in guerilla marketing. Instead of shouldering the cost for a marketing campaign yourself, why not just partner up with someone and pay half. Think outside the box and find yourself a partner that will complement your brand, and vice versa. Decide on a marketing campaign that is mutually beneficial and go for broke. This way, your expenses are halved (at the very least) and you are still able to get the results you wanted when you were planning to venture on it alone.